Burnzy's Last Call

Film Synopsis.
Eppie's Bar and Grill plays host to a series of comic and heartwarming vignettes in "Burnzy's Last Call": a day in the life of a downtown Manhattan gin mill. Recovering alcoholic, Sal (James McCaffrey) tends bar and long-time regular Joe Burns aka Burnzy (Sam Gray) keeps him company as the hot summer's day sends a motley assortment of urbanites into the watering hole in search of liquid refreshment. "The neighborhood ain't like it used to be" complains Burnzy as he watches his local haunt of forty years turn into the hippest dive bar in New York City. The cast includes Sam Gray, James McCaffrey, David Johansen, Michael Massee, Carolyn McCormick, Chris Noth, Michael Rispoli, Roger Robinson, Tony Todd, Jamie Walters, James Burton, Eddie Brill and Frederique.

Director Michael de Avila
Producer Michael de Avila & Shannon Goldman
Cinematographer Scott St. John
Editor Michael de Avila & Shannon Goldman