Kingdom Come

Film Synopsis.
The streets of the future have become a playground for murderers and degenerates. The mayor has declared death pornography a social epidemic. An elite division of law enforcement has been created to fight the war against snuff films. Max (Michael Rodrick), a former police officer, must journey through a landscape of sinister and depraved criminals to come face-to-face with his revenge-seeking ex-partner, Roger O'Neil, and his ultimate fear: his own descent into darkness. Similar to "Road Warrior" in it's low-tech view of the future, "Kingdom Come" speeds like a psychedelic roller coaster ride, blending the best of "B-action" movies with indie art film. The cast includes Michael Rodrick, James Burton and Emily Procter.

Director Shannon Goldman
Producer Shannon Goldman & Michael de Avila
Cinematographer Tim McCann
Editor Shannon Goldman