Lost prophet

Film Synopsis.
[ Excerpts from the New York Times Review by Stephen Holden ]

Michael de Avila's "Lost Prophet" is an art, low-budget horror fantasy that doesn't attempt to be shocking or scary in a conventional way… in following the wanderings of a disoriented young man who grows progressively more agitated, it tries to induce in the audience a child-like emotional state that is equal parts fear and wonder... the black and white film is essentially a manipulation of cinematic mood that, as the central character appears to come apart, shifts in attitude from anxious curiosity into terror. By the end of the film it is hard to know whether the demon that the character battles is real or imaginary. Among the movies to which it alludes are "The Shining", "Psycho" and "Repulsion"... "Lost Prophet" succeeds as a mood piece evoking childhood memories of feeling alone in a strange old house where unnameable dangers lurk in every shadow and behind every creaking door.

Director Michael de Avila
Producer Michael de Avila & Shannon Goldman
Cinematographer Michael de Avila
Editor Michael de Avila