Film Synopsis.
Noise is a psychological thriller set in lower Manhattan in the present day. The story centers on Joyce (Trish Goff) and her decision to relocate to New York shortly after her divorce. She pursues a new career in publishing at a downtown magazine and moves into a Manhattan brownstone. Although she makes every effort to start a new life, she is slow to realize that living alone in a small, New York apartment is more than she can bear. When confronted with the erratic behavior of her upstairs neighbor Charlotte (Ally Sheedy), she slowly succumbs to her solitary environment. The womens' paths eventually cross and prank turns to tragedy. The cast includes Ally Sheedy, Trish Goff, Giancarlo Esposito, Michael Knight and John Slattery.

Director Tony Spiridakis
Producer Shannon Goldman, Tony Spiridakis & Lance Doty
Cinematographer Evan Estern
Editor Charly Bender