Revolution #9

Film Synopsis.
Revolution #9 focuses on Jackson, a young man as he develops schizophrenic symptoms, and his fiance Kim’s desperate attempts to get him treatment. His onset is rather sudden, but despite a doctor’s prescription and diagnosis, Jackson refuses to take medication. And even though Jackson’s condition gets him fired from his job, Kim is unable to have him committed because “he’s not considered a danger to himself or others until he commits a crime.” Finally after a suicide attempt, Kim is able to have him committed to a hospital where he receives medication. He responds well to the meds and begins to have insight into his illness. Unfortunately though, his managed care provider has him released before he can fully recover. At the end of the film, he is wandering the street in a fragile state, devasted by the realization of what has become his life. Thus, the tragedy of de-institutionalization.

Director Tim McCann
Producer Tim McCann, Shannon Goldman & Michael de Avila
Cinematographer Tim McCann
Editor Shannon Goldman & Tim McCann